Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day!

Happy May Day everyone!  I am having a great day, because I got my first follower today!!!  So excited!  Well I can only hope I get more followers now.  I will be trying to post at least one or two projects a week.  I hope you all (my lone follower at this time) are having as beautiful a day as we are here.  I am going to go outside with the pups and get some fresh air before the rains come back in later tonight.  Have a great rest of the Sunday.


Cely said...

:) It's always beautiful in Hawaii. :) On May Day we have a big celebration and parade.

I found that if you follow others, they'll follow you so maybe you should try "farming" for followers! :D

Pink Crafter said...

Thanks so much!

Cely said...