Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Time to get organized!

I have spent the last two nights creating an inventory book.  I have been purchasing duplicates of some things while I am out shopping and it is driving me crazy.  I purchased a really cute little hard cover notebook at Target right before Easter with a big bee on the front and now I am sectioning it of into categories.  Mostly I buy doubles of stamps and Prisma Color colored pencils.  I have just started collecting the Copic markers and they are way to expensive to have doubles, so this is my solution.  I will post a picture of the book when it is complete.  I asked my hubby tonight if he thought we could make a desktop storage unit for my Copic Sketch markers this weekend,  he said "It shouldn't be too hard"  I hope he is right, I am crafty but when it comes to building things out of wood, I am out of my element.  But I need something I already have 20 markers and just ordered 50 more!  I will post the picture only if it turns out good,  well maybe I will post it anyway just for a chuckle if it is bad.  LOL! Have a great day everybody!  And a Happy Birthday to my brother Tom!

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