Monday, April 16, 2012

A few more pics of the Construction in the new "Le Salon Rose"

Hi everybody!  I am still working on the craft room.  But I have decided to name it "Le Salon Rose"!  Sounds fancy, doesn't it?  Well the funny thing is it just means The Pink Room! Since my husband took me to Paris and London in 2010, I have fallen in love with Paris.  So my little piece of relaxation at home will remind me of the most beautiful city in the world! 

Here are some pics of the crating of the craft desk!

A different view.

Now with the top.

A close up of the crown molding.

The best part, I made it myself! The only help I needed from my hubby was putting the two center support beams in, and lifting the top (the top was very heavy!)  The measurements are 96 inches long, by 38 inches wide and 37 inches high!  It's a beast, and it is never leaving this room because it can't!    Let me know what you think!  I love, love, love it!  Can't wait to be able to just sit there and craft all day long!  I will keep you posted.  I should have a card and notebook combo posted sometime this week.  It's made and I have to give as a gift at work tomorrow.  It's my first Imagine project.. 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pink in the Rink Highlights!

I know this post has nothing to do with crafting but I just had to share!  Back in January our local hockey team the Adirondack Phantoms had a game dedicated to breast cancer awareness.  It's called Pink in the Rink.  Lots of AHL and NHL teams do this annually, but this was my first.  As I love the color pink and we are season ticket holders I was very excited indeed.  About a month after the  game they auctioned off the game worn jerseys' and yes they are PINK!  I was luck enough to win #38's jersey (who just happens to be my favorite player)  I got him to sign the Jersey and it will now live in my new pink craft room (when I am not wearing it to games.  Here are some pics!
Don't they look AWESOME!

Here is my favorite player! Real men do wear pink, and I now own this very jersey game worn,autographed and unwashed!!

It was amusing to watch the game, when one team is in pink and the other was in there normal tough looking uniforms. They even had pink socks!

Of course our beloved Mascot Dax the Beaver went all out too!

I just love Dax so much and the Pink hair was awesome on his giant orange body, so I had to have a picture with him!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  Don't eat too much candy tomorrow!  lol...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I will be back soon! I promise! Really....

Hello crafty friends!  I have been MIA for so long I apologize.  My life got a little (really a lot) crazy back in October.  Here's the past 6 months in a nutshell; Mom's Alzheimer's was getting pretty bad.  On 10/7/11 my husband and I celebrated our 11th anniversary, on 10/8/11 at 2 in the morning my Mom fell. She didn't hurt herself but we realized she needed round the clock care, we could not afford to have only one income so we had to get her placed in a home.  The home she landed in decided to mess around with her drugs (without my permission as I am her health care proxy) After 3 weeks there and 4 trips to the ER for either a fall or her having a behavioral episode ( all caused by the home taking her off her drugs cold turkey and putting her on anti psychotics!  Mom is not psychotic!) She spent the next 4 months in the hospital!  I had to fight tooth and nail to get her back on the correct meds!  I got her old PCP to finally take her case back.  The other nursing homes in the area would not take her in because the first nursing home had labeled her as a "problem" patient with violent outbursts!!  I have taken care of my Mom for the last 20 years 12 of them with Alzheimer's she is NOT violent!  Finally a home about a half hour away from us took her on.  Over the past month she is settling very well, unfortunately she has been suffering some non responsive periods, had a bad drug interaction, and now her kidneys are failing.  It is a never ending battle to make sure the Dr's stay on her care.  But I will say the nursing and CNA staff at this facility are great.  They actually care and love the patients and it shows. I haven't felt much like crafting so I have been redoing my Mom's old craft room to be my new craft room!! It is turning out awesome.  Here are some pics!

Ok no peaking at the back ground that will be revealed in an upcoming room tour video! Pretend you do NOT see the awesome TINK PINK walls!

We bought two of these stools a few years ago and they just kinda sat in the basement at the roulette table, but didn't get much use.

So I decided to redo them
Now they look like this!!

Here is a close up of the lace trim I added to make it ultra girlie girl!

I didn't take a before of this next chair, but it is a Stickly dining room chair that is Oak wood and had a cornflower blue textured material.  But not anymore!

And I redid an old foot stool to match!

Later this week I will post pics of the awesome craft desk I built (yes I built all by myself, power tools and all)

I have been checking in on a lot of blogs lately and the cards and projects have been awesome, can't wait to start crafting again! (The room is gonna take a few more months to complete, but I will be posting odds and ends during that time.  Miss you all!