Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Paper punch storage problems? Here is a cheap fix, and it turned out AWESOME!

I found that I haven't been using my paper punch as much as I would like, because I HATE digging out  the two totes they were stored in.  I would have to lug them out and then pretty much empty the totes out on the floor.  So I just stopped using them.  I looked on YouTube for some videos on punch storage and found a few different ideas.  The one I liked the most used peg board and kitchen towel rods.  I wasn't fond of the kitchen towel rods so I thought about it awhile and came up with Cafe curtain rods.  So here are a few pics of the project my Husband and I made this weekend.

Here it is just finished still on the living room floor.

Here it is empty on the wall.
(currently in my sewing/craft room, my paper crafts will have their own Hot Pink room in the late fall)

Here it is fully loaded!  There is a lot of weight on this rack and it is completely stable!

 If any one wants the nitty gritty details, just let me know and I will email them to you.

That is one of my stuffed pink pigs, actually he is a puppet that squeals like a real pig. So cute, but he needs a name any ideas?


Sheree said...

Fantastic idea!! I'm going to try making one of those too!

Rosie said...

This is a great idea!! I have been looking for something to do with all mine too and love this idea. Thanks for posting it.

shelley mulholland said...

I've been on your blog several times and thought it was about time for me to join the many "Congrats!" on an extremely interesting and helpful site. You are so clever, Kelly, and I admire your perseverance and ability to balance your demanding life! Hugs to you and your hubby...shelley

PS: Pig's name is Bacon...LOL

Nan G said...

Cool idea. Thanks for sharing.

Cely said...

I like Shelly's name for pig : Mr. Bacon! bwhahahaha!

Josh.M23 said...

That's a brilliant use of space, I know how difficult it can be to organise a home. Stuff just seems to accumulate and before you know it, it's everywhere. Unlike you I chose to take the easy way out and took some stuff down for self storage in london, where I live. I guess my problem is sometimes I don't really think outside the box, but from now on I'll try to do it a bit more.

Teen Queen said...

Great storage system! Do you think something like this can be adhered to the back of a door. I have limited wall space, and want to utilize the door. My punches have outgrown the over the door shoe rack.

Heather Stokes said...

This would work for ribbon too if you used holders that allow the rod to be further out from board.